Who are we?

We are Blakvel,
A company made up of highly distinguished students from Latsia Lyceum, taking part in the Junior Achievement Cyprus entrepreneurship competition.

"While getting started our goal is to create something not only unique and marketable, but also something that constitutes a helpful tool for the Cypriot community. Our social work is our highest priority."

Stelios Charalambides - CEO
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    As you gaze at our logo, your eyes will fall upon the name of our company. The word Blakvel appears, in a playful but strong and bold font, providing our identity.
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    Above, you will see our symbol, two wolves, merged in a “yin yang” fashion, radiating the assertiveness and power of this beautiful animal, but also the balance our company desires and the fight for universal equality that we so proudly support.
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    Also included is the year of our establishment, “EST. 2020”, and the nature of our service, “ONLINE STORE”. All wordings are placed artistically and designed to create an image pleasing to the eye.
  • The process of our logo’s creation was long but immensely prolific. Our goal was to achieve an elegant and professional design, which remains inclusive and appealing to all genders and identities.
  • After a long conversation and exchange of ideas with Graphic Designer Andreas Christofi, Creative Director at Infocredit Group Ltd, we proudly and surely decided on this design, which is featured on our social media and in our website.

The Most Important Aspects of Our Work

Market & Community Research

To provide the best service you must understand the needs of your audience.
That is exactly why we crave such a strong connection with our community and also why we keep researching for all that we do.

Organising Tasks

When the demands of the market are clear, tasks must be set to get the plan going. In order to successfully develop our company and store, we take the time to organise our tasks and plan our process.

Meeting Expectations

When the process of development has began the only pending issue is the delivery of your work. When finalising a task we strive to meet deadlines, pass quality checks and above all; exceed expectations.

Why Blakvel

1The Prices
Since all our items are second-hand, the price of each listing is far lower than its standard retail charge, resulting in catalogues from which anyone can find something that fits their budget. If you find a product on a lower price somewhere else, we also do price matching!
Why just give your intact, untarnished clothes away for free when you have the option to profit from them? Just register for a free account, list them on our store page and we will take over from there to give them the Blakvel quality treatment and sell them to give you your profits!
Blakvel supports several Cypriot philanthropic organizations. When listing a clothing item on our website, you get the option to donate all or a percentage of your profits to one of the many non-profit organizations we work with. You can read all about our charity work here.

Projects That We're Proud Of

* Blakvel, in the context of its social responsibility, will contribute to the financial support of the above charities.

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